How to Teach Multimedia
without having a Dumb Attack

Video Chuck


Necessary read for: Instructors k-12, Churches,
Home Schoolers & Self employed.

The only book you'll need to learn how to teach multmedia/video.

Practical information on classroom and studio structure, equipment, software, classroom management, outcomes and objectives, grading, grant-writing, creating student projects like morning announcements and classroom & school orientation, and sales videos.

Keep your students on task instead of just playing with equipment.

Valuable for experienced teachers and novices, company presidents and employees!

On-line Book by Video Chuck
Proves Invaluable for Multimedia Teachers
(Press Release)

Overland Park, KS, October 16, 2015. Chuck Dolbeare, aka Video Chuck, President of Teach Multimedia, comes to the rescue of school multimedia instructors by providing a classroom roadmap in his new book, "How to Teach Multimedia Without Having a Dumb Attack."   MORE . . .


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